Flower Care


Flower Care

Extending the life of cut flowers 

The care and handling of fresh flowers depends on how they are to be displayed. The three most common ways to display are simple cut flowers, cut flowers in a vase and an arrangement of cut flowers in floral foam.


Fresh Cut Flowers Care

Let’s start with the first step of cut flowers care. The flowers which purchased from Forest By K have been pre-conditioned. Keep them out of extreme temperatures when bringing them home. If you are going to display your flowers in a vase, use  a vase that has been cleaned with soap and water, then rinsed with bleach. Re-cut all the flowers to your preferred length (around 2-3cm), removing any foliage that would be below the water line. Cutting at a sharp angle so the stems can absorb water more effectively.

Taking Care of Fresh Cut Flowers in a Vase

Bath temperature water works best for your vase, since cold water is slower for flowers to drink, as opposed to warm water, which is lighter and easier for flowers to absorb. Add the floral food which comes with each bouquest from Forest By K is the best, especially when used as directed. Too little will do nothing, and too much can shorten the life of the flower. Keep the vase you need out of direct sun and, if possible, in a cool place.

Your cut flowers should be re-cut on their second or third day. Remove any flowers that have passed their prime. Clean the vase and refill with warm water two-thirds full everyday. 



How to Care for Flowers in Floral Foam

If you bought a box flowers at Forest By K, please do not try to re-cut the stems, and you must add water. It’s best to add water in the kitchen on a drain board, causing no furniture damage if it spills. It’s hard to know if the foam has enough water, but you can always tip the container, if water drips out, it’s well saturated.